Thursday, 14 October 2010

Rob Zombie

Way, way back, when I was one of about five 'alternative' people back in high school before it was cool and the emo's came along. I made a list. This list contained bands that I just had to see before I died, more bands have been added and crossed off over the years but the original list remainded in my head. There were only five bands on this list

The Offspring
Marilyn Manson
Static - X
and Rob Zombie

Now I've seen all but one of them ~ Offspring's conspiracy tour back in 2001 being my first gig ~ more than once and I had pretty much given up hope of ever seeing the final one since he never leaves America

Until now!!!  Rob Zombie is coming to the UK and even better he's playing a venue 15 minutes walk from my flat! and I've got tickets - after a panic of the internet telling me there was only one left - I wanted four - northern presistence won in the end though, I'm guessing more got released, either way I'm there! well in February I am

12 years I've been waiting for this ~ I'm actually shaking with excitement, I'm also going to copy this post over to LJ since I have to tell everyone, everywhere how excited I am XD

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