Tuesday, 30 November 2010

and I'm done......

I'm a winner.....

There was some word count anguish and drama towards the end but I made it XD yaaaay, shall probably post more boring ness tomorrow but for now sleep.....

Sunday, 21 November 2010

End of ~ Week 3

Today was the last day of my epic weekend, I managed to write a little but not a lot and nothing at all for the last three days. A friend was visiting from the south, trhe epic plans included - meals, German market, Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows pt 1, Thought bubble comic con, Wendyhouse, BG gig (that turned out to be an epic fail) and a day trip to/on the north yorkshire moors railway (Steam train)

Needless to say my word count suffered ~ I'm currently 4,731 words behind my ongoing target. Ironically enough last year on the 21st I was at my worst point (7,235 words behind) so all is not lost. It's going to be a busy week

My Word Count: 30,276/50,000
Nano's Average Target: 35,007/50,000

Monday, 15 November 2010

The half way point...

So here is it, day 15 ~ more importantly the 25k point!

I am so happy that I can say I'm passed 25k, so happy ^_^  I was hoping to have gotten a really good lead this weekend just gone, but my self-inflected whiplash didn't help matters and I managed to loose the lead I'd already built up. I've not been behind yet but with the epic weekend stil to come (steam train, HP DHpt1, German market, comicy thing,  BG gig and wendyhouse ~ all rolled into three days) I expect to be lagging behind

After tonights rather epic -- for me --writing session (3092 words, the most I've written in one day so far) I'm back ahead by one day, hopfully I'll be able to repeat tonights writting session tomorrow

My Word Count: 26,683/50,000
Nano's Average Target: 25,000/50,000

Wednesday, 10 November 2010

Day 10

I'm buzzing at the minute since I've just managed my best daily word count (2,678) I'm a slow writer so this make me XD

I've managed to get a little bit ahead of the running target, which I'm also hapy about though I think I need to be ahead by about 5/6k so that the 4 day break I have coming up (around next weekend) doesn't leave me that far behind that I can't catch back up again

This time last year (on my unofficial nano fanfiction) I was -4393, at present i'm +1468. I managed to finish the 50k words last year so I'm still rather hopeful for this ^_^

My Word Count: 18,138/50,000
Nano's Average Target: 16,667/50,000

Sunday, 7 November 2010

End ~ Week One

According to my nano spreadsheet for last year (yes I made a spreadsheet to keep track of word counts *isadork*) by the end of the first week I was 4,121 words down, this year I'm glad to say I'm 46 words up ^^ It doesn't sound a lot but it is when you consider the fact I didn't write anything on the 5th and failed to meet the target today (excuses, bonfire night and a friends birthday respectively)

I'm hoping to get in front again before the 18th when I know I'll probably not be writing anything for a good three or four days

Word Count: 11,715/50,000

Friday, 5 November 2010

Day 4 and break

At the end of day 4 I've managed to get 1900ish words ahead...a very good thing indeed since tomorrow (well today now technically since it's the 5th) is Bonfire Night, and no writing will be getting done, I'm not even going to pretend that it will

Straight from work i'll be going to a friends who lives right by a public display, then it'll be home to drop car off then a night in town at a metal club night - we only discovered it last week so its all new and shiny ^^

A plus side, I'm now onto Chapter 2 ~ second main character has made an appearence and I'm begining to like it more

Wednesday, 3 November 2010

Day 2

Well tonight was a lot easier that last night, less words were written overall but time spend actually writing was a lot less. It sucks not being able to start typing before 16:30 stoopid full time job

Anyway, I managed 2123 words today ~ I'm proud of that. I'm going to try and keep up this big lead because I know for a fact there are certain days this month where very little, if anything, will be written

oh and laptop has stopped making that racket, guess it just had first day 'nano nerves' ^ ^

Daily target: 1,667
Word count: 4,355/50,000

(I started typing this on day 2 ~ though now technically it's day 3)

Monday, 1 November 2010

Day 1

Day 1 was a lot more of a bugger then I was expecting, but daily target achieved ~ 2232 ~ a lot better than I hoped, and since nano novels are meant to be very, very poor when written, I guess I'm doing good ^_^

Though all night my laptop had been making a right racket, this doesn't bode well o_O

Daily target: 1,667
Word count: 2,232/50,000

nano blog

Since this is my 'nano blog' I feel that it's only right to make a post now

It's currently 00:20. Twenty minutes into November 1st, thats 20 minutes I've been able to start building up the word count. I've spent that 20 minutes, catching up on the internet since I've been watching scary films all day ^^ twenty minutes in and I'm already moaning

November is gunna be fun! *insert sarcasm* naaa it'll be worth it, I need challenges with deadlines like these to get things done, it's how I roll...I think