Monday, 15 November 2010

The half way point...

So here is it, day 15 ~ more importantly the 25k point!

I am so happy that I can say I'm passed 25k, so happy ^_^  I was hoping to have gotten a really good lead this weekend just gone, but my self-inflected whiplash didn't help matters and I managed to loose the lead I'd already built up. I've not been behind yet but with the epic weekend stil to come (steam train, HP DHpt1, German market, comicy thing,  BG gig and wendyhouse ~ all rolled into three days) I expect to be lagging behind

After tonights rather epic -- for me --writing session (3092 words, the most I've written in one day so far) I'm back ahead by one day, hopfully I'll be able to repeat tonights writting session tomorrow

My Word Count: 26,683/50,000
Nano's Average Target: 25,000/50,000

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