Monday, 25 October 2010

Might as well get back on topic...

Since I decided I'm going to use this blog as a NaNoWriMo moaning point I might as well post something relevant.

This time next week it'll be November the 1st, nano will have begun and I will most likely be stressing. I wish November didn't start on a weekday, most of the day will have gone before I get around to starting it ~ stupid work *grumble grumble* and I'm really not the fastest of typers

Currently, with less than a week to go, I keep thinking that I should change my idea. I have another plot bunny jumping and he's a lot more eager with a lot more plot behind him, the snag being that one character (and a couple of minor ones) in there are 'borrowed' from fandom and therefore defeating the point of 'doing nanowrimo properly this year'

Guess I should stick with my original idea, it's good enough to write 50k about...I hope

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